Our curated collection of transformational learning experiences assist in building individual and collective capacity. Our goal is to support amplifying meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership development and social impact activities in your organization. Sessions include customized content for intimate groups of 10 to organization-wide development up to 100+.


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6 Degrees

In this highly interactive session, explore how unconscious bias influences our perception of who is a leader and how that impacts our relationships, ability to be effective, and contributions to the spaces in which we work, learn, and play. We will also explore how the perceptions of others may help to shape how we see ourselves in leadership roles. By the end of our time together, we will have a better sense of how to develop effective strategies for broadening our ability to identify talent, ensure that our professional circle is in alignment with our professional goals, be brave in displaying vulnerability and authenticity, and enhance our capacity to communicate these strategies across lines of difference.

Session length: 2 hours


The true test of our individual and collective community engagement is how effectively we mobilize, serve, and elevate our most vulnerable populations. Our transgender neighbors, including those who are gender non-binary, encounter barriers to participation in civic life in ways that most members of our community do not. How can our meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies be more sensitive to the trans experience and avoid tokenism? This trans-led learning experience provides a personal perspective of navigating the social impact landscape and successful tools, strategies, and action plans for attracting trans participation in events, membership, community partnerships and leadership team.

Session length: 90 minutes

Breakthrough: Strategic Thinking for Busy People

Often success in organizations is built upon having all of the “right answers.” But, sometimes we have more questions than answers. And that is where the breakthrough happens. In this skill-builder, we will learn a technique for bringing people together in quick bursts of creativity and strategic thinking. By the end of our time together, you will have a solid foundation for confidently harnessing the power of diversity and collaboration in order to identify more meaningful and sustainable solutions.

Session length: 2 hours

Creating Brave Space for Greater Impact

In this highly interactive session, explore how when we grow as individuals, teams, organizations or communities, it influences our relationships and creates new possibilities. It is no secret that we thrive in environments where everyone feels valued and are able to contribute. It can be challenging to balance all of the dynamics that are needed to consistently create a space that works. Together, we will learn how to create Brave Space — a method of strengthening our capacity to engage in difficult conversations in order to release greater creativity, productivity, and social impact. Participants can expect an energetic, collaborative learning experience that will transform their ability to navigate the uncertainty and opportunity that change brings.

Session length: 2 hours

Change is Not a 4-letter Word: Effective Communication Strategies

Change in our workplace often brings about a pace and uncertainty that can leave us speechless—or even with our foot in our mouth. How can we effectively navigate an ever-changing professional landscape: new reporting relationships, shifting power dynamics, re-allocation of resources, increased responsibilities, and new vision? Finding the right language to express ourselves can be essential to emerging from transition with greater productivity, team cohesion, and morale. Together, we will practice helpful strategies that are in alignment with the norms, values, and intended outcomes of your organization’s culture in order to encourage authentic and vulnerable feedback, communication, and advocacy.

Session length: 90 minutes


Language is an important building block in healthy relationships. By being more intentional in enhancing our understanding of how closely language is reflected in identity, we can be more effective in increasing workplace productivity, encouraging community engagement, and amplifying social impact. We will laugh and learn together as we replace numbers with terms associated with queer terminology on our Bingo cards. In this fast-paced, familiar game, we will have safe space to ask all of the questions we may have always wanted to ask but may not have felt comfortable. And, there are great prizes! This session is a wonderful way to encourage social interaction and community among teams large and small.

Session length: 90 minutes

Intersectionality & Allyship: A Daily Practice

Each day presents us with an opportunity to be expansive in ways that allow us to show up for others—without the same privilege—to create more just and inclusive environments. In a time where the sting of being “called out” can be career ending, result in shunning in personal relationships, and damage your reputation across social media, it is important to know how to practice meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion across myriad lines of difference. In this reflective experience, we will identify practical methods of recognizing our privilege and integrating true allyship in our daily lives. Our goal is to make the places we work, learn, and play more inclusive.

Session length: 2 hours

Resonant Boards: From tokenism to high performance

The makeup of your board speaks volumes. What is it saying about your values and priorities? How is it impacting your organization’s covenant with the community, impact, and sustainability? Together, we will explore current barriers to high-performing boards of directors, advisory boards, and committees; gain new strategies for building boards that matter; and. identify ways to move from tokenism to high-performing teams.

Session length: 2 hours

Inspiring Cultures of Innovation & Inclusion

Innovation and creativity thrive in organizations with cultures where there is freedom to fail and fail boldly. But when most workplaces do not advantage all identities equally, is it realistic to expect everyone to feel comfortable taking necessary risks to innovate? This workshop explores approaches that allow all employees to show up as their whole selves; leadership to define and reward failure as part of learning; and acknowledging bias in perceptions of who is entitled to crash and burn in epic fashion and live to fly high another day.

Session length: 2 hours

Implementing Change: Tools for Daily Practice

Often success in organizations is built upon having all of the “right answers.” But, sometimes we have more questions than answers. And that is where the breakthrough happens. In this skill-builder, we will learn a technique for bringing people together in quick bursts of creativity and strategic thinking. By the end of our time together, you will have a solid foundation for confident problem solving and visioning harnessing sustainable solutions.

Session length: 2 hours

Creating a Culture of Change: Harnessing the Collective Power of Change Agents

Change doesn’t just happen. It is the fruit of the seeds we plant by (not) making decisions. To effectively navigate changes within our organizations, we must be intentional about creating a culture and climate that promotes creativity, collaboration, and accountability. In this session, we explore practical strategies for making sure all of our people thrive together under a common vision.

Session length: 2 hours

Maven is an Approved Education Provider for Certified Fundraising Professional Executive (CFRE)* International & Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Recertification Provider. 

*Participation in Maven's approved courses may assist you in learning or reviewing concepts covered on the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) examination as detailed on the Test Content Outline provided by CFRE International. CFRE International does not sponsor or endorse any educational programs and Maven's approved courses were not developed in conjunction with CFRE International.

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